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Method for Solving Fuzzy Assignment Problem using ones Assignment Method and Robust’s Ranking Technique

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Assignment problem is universally used to solve real world problems, often used in Engineering and Management science. In real life the data cannot be taken as crisp one. So here in this Fuzzy Assignment Problem (FAP) general izedtrapezoidal fuzzy numbers (GTrFN) are used as the cost𝐶̃ij for assigning the jth job to the ith person, which is more realistic and general in nature. In this paper first the proposed fuzzy assignment problem is formulated to the crisp assignment problem in the linear programming problem (LPP) form and solved by using Ones Assignment Method [1] and using Robust’s ranking method [4] for the fuzzy numbers. The algorithm of this approach is presented, and explained briefly with numerical instance to show its efficiency.

Keywords:Fuzzy Number, Assignment Problem, Ones Assignment Algorithm, Robust’s ranking Method.


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