Synthesis and Characterization of Lanthanum Doped Strontium Aluminate Nanophosphor using Sol-Gel Synthesis

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Lanthanum doped strontium aluminate nanophosphor (SrAl4O7:La) was prepared by sol-gel method. The obtained materials were Characterized by SEM,XRD,EDAX and PL .Monoclinic structure was confirmed by Xray diffraction analysis,particle size was determined by Scherrer formula .The particles were of somewhat round shaped and interlinked with each other,leading to the formation of bigger particle. Also some irregular aggregations were found in the image. Photolumiscence emission were at 395,520 and 790nm corresponding to UV,green and IR regions under excitation for 360 nm.

Keywords:Synthesis,Characterization,Lanthanum,Sol-Gel Synthesis.


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