Analysis on O3 Sensing and Conducting Property of Sn doped In2O3 using Hydrothermal Preparation Method

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The In2O3 nano material is prepared by hydrothermal method and is doped with Sn by 5, 10, 15 and 20 mol. concentration. The elevated property is studied keenly. All doped samples are characterized suing proportionate technical tools. The distortion of fundamental lattice pattern of In2O3 due to the Sn doping is identified. The lattice pattern is slowly changed from simple cubic to tetragonal form. The modified property of the compound at 20 mol. of Sn is elaborately studied. The O3 sensing characteristic mechanism is explored which is very high at 20 mol. of Sn doping.

Keywords: nano material,hydrothermal method,indium oxide


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