Fine structure of alpha decay for odd-oven isotopes of Am, Es, and Md nuclei

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Half lives of alpha decay for odd-even isotopes of Am 231-245, Es239-257 and Md245-261 nuclei from ground state to ground and excited states of daughter nuclei have been calculated using CYE model. In this work we take into account of both quadruple (β2) and hexadecapole (β4) deformations, as well as the spin- parity of parent and daughter nuclei. The calculated half-lives are compared with available data and are found to be good agreement with each other. The Hindrance factor and branching ratios to the excited states of daughter nucleus also determined. The influence of alpha decay energy and the angular momentum of alpha particle on the half-life time calculation have been studied. The standard deviation value for half-life is computed.

Keywords: Q-value, alpha decay, fine structure


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