Investigations on Nucleation Kinetics of a semi organic non linear optical single crystal: L-Tyrosine hydrobromide

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L-Tyrosine hydrobromide (LTHB), an efficient semi organic non linear optical material crystallizes in monoclinic crystal system with space group P21 and the lattice parameters are a= 11.392 A˚, b= 9.110 A˚, c= 5.167 A˚, α=γ= 90˚, β =91.20˚. In the present work the nucleation parameters of LTHB single crystal was studied based on classical nucleation theory and modified classical nucleation theory. Nucleation kinetics and fundamental growth parameters such as solubility, critical radius, critical free energy and nucleation rate were calculated to optimize the growth condition of LTHB single crystals.

Keywords: Nucleation parameter, Solubility, L-Tyrosine hydrobromide


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